Thursday, 2 August 2012

Belts, Braces and Laces

My training is now in full swing.  The guys at work have helpfully(!!)  become my conscience and remind me every time my mind wanders onto chocolate or lard in any way.

I've spent a couple of quid and got myself some stretchy laces and race belt, which should save at least a minute over my shoddy transitions in the Taunton race.  I've also got myself an Id band from OneLifeId, so I'm not quite so nervous about leaving my wallet at home when I go cycling or running at some ungodly hour of the day or night.

Hels has taken the children to Cardiff for the week so I've taken the opportunity to put myself through a little cycling training camp.  40km on Monday night (including a more than slightly challenging 1:4 climb up to Crowcombe Gate), a 40km up to Wellington Monument on Wednesday night and the 55km cycle to work on Thursday have nearly broken me!

I'm going to try and get some swim coaching from an instructor who lives down the road.  I'm not looking for a revolution to my stroke, just pointers on improving things.  I've already improved my time by a further 30 seconds down to 7:30 for 400m, if I can take a further 15sec by the time I race, I will be well happy.

I also need to put in some serious miles on the run.  I find this by far the least enjoyable of the three disciplines, by that doesn't mean I can ignore it and hope it goes away!  I'm still using micoach to do the  pace-based interval training, but I've got a Garmin 305CX (with a HR monitor) on the way courtesy of eBay, so I'll see I get on with that as well.  Fingers crossed I can equip myself as well on the 23rd September at Langport as I did in Taunton in June.

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